About The Wiser Divorce

Ditch the drama and forget the blame game. Divorce is never an easy time, but going into it prepared and aware of brighter possibilities makes the difference between just surviving and fulfilling your next best life. The Wiser Divorce features realistic strategies and positive solutions that can heal a broken family, help you uncover hidden talents and interests, and grow as an individual.

You’ll learn how to develop a solid game plan, identify bad habits that lead to unhealthy choices, collaborate with your ex-spouse to give your kids a bright future, save money by choosing your battles wisely and avoiding court when possible, and embrace your Next Best Life and emerge from the divorce process a happier, healthier and more fulfilled person.


The Wiser Divorce offers keen insights and advice. Hallier forges a new direction for the world of divorce.”

~ Susan Shapiro Barash, Author

The Wiser Divorce excellently conveys critical divorce subjects. The need to control emotions, focus on the children and have realistic expectations are given the emphasis they deserve.”

~ Lance S. Spiegel, Partner of Young Spiegel and Lee, LLP